What Kind of Beer Is Made Entirely From Malt

What Kind of Beer Is Made Entirely From Malt? Explained (2022)

Malt is the heart of beer because you cannot make beer without malt. It determines the flavor and color of beer and provides sugar during fermentation.  

But what kind of beer is made entirely from malt? Follow through because the answer might surprise you. 

About The Beer Entirely Made From Malt 

The beer that is made entirely from the malt is called malt beer. The malt-based alcoholic beverage is made from the fermentation of malted cereal grains, hops, and yeast [1]. It contains about 2.5% to 6% alcohol content.  

The process of malting involves steeping, germinating, and kilning. In most beer styles, malt barley is used because it contains a relatively high enzyme conducive to brewing.  

What’s A Malt Beer? 

Malt beer is a type of beer made from malt, and it gives the beer a malty and sweeter taste. It is brewed in 100% malted grain, typically darker, and contains higher alcohol content than other beer types. 

Barley, rye, and wheat are the most common grains used for malting. The malted grains are used to assist in the fermentation process. When grains are malted, the sugar it contains will be fermented with the yeast and turned into alcohol. 

Things To Know 

How It’s Made

The malting of beer involves three key steps- steeping, germination, and kilning. First, the malt grains undergo steeping to awaken the dormant grain. 

The grain will then sprout and generate, and the heating or kilning produces flavor and color. Maltsters are in charge of the production process of malt beer. 


Different type of Malt grain

The beer made entirely from malt comprises grain, yeast, hops, and water. The grain ( barley, wheat, rye, oats, corn, rice, etc.) undergoes a malting process to make beer. The malting will stimulate grain germination to metabolize natural grain sugars. 

Hops give beer its piquant aroma, delicate-to-intense bitterness, and various flavors. The oils and resins it contains are vital in beer making. 

Yeast is another ingredient used to make malt beer. There are different yeasts specific for beer styles, which are used to derive the sugars of malted grain to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. 

What It Tastes Like

You can describe malt beer as sweet and nutty, but others describe its taste as similar to coffee, toast, caramel, or fruits like raisins. 

The beer made entirely from malt is sweeter and almost dessert-like, especially if it is made from barley. During the malting process of barley, enzymes convert the starch in barley to fermentable sugars like sucrose and maltose. 

While malt beer is complex and earthy, several flavors can be remarkable depending on the grains used and their beer type. Dark and brown ales, stouts are malt-forward and generally sweet with chocolate, caramel, or coffee notes. 

Alcohol Content

Malt beer contains around 2.5% to 6% alcohol content. The fermentable sugars from the malt grain are used to create the alcohol. Regarding alcohol content, beer is typically one of the beverages with a low alcohol level. 

Does Malt Beer Get You Drunk? 

opening a can of beer

Yes, malt beer can get you drunk. Malt beer contains an average of 5% ABV, and a few cans can get you drunk. However, how many malt beers can get you drunk depends on your gender, body size, and alcohol tolerance. 

Generally, an average-sized man can get drunk with malt beer after four to five cans, while an average-sized woman needs two to four beers. You can get drunk quickly depending on your fast consumption rate because the more beer you consume in an hour will get you drunk easily [2]. 

Is It Good For Health? 

Yes, malt beer surprisingly brings health benefits, making moderate consumption good for your health. Malt drinks are high in magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, contributing to keeping your bones healthy and strong. 

Malt beer supports digestive health and promotes heart health. It has a heart-healthy mix because it contains fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6, which will help low cholesterol and decrease the risk of a heart attack. 

However, you should moderately consume it because, after all, it is an alcoholic beverage. Malt beer contains alcohol, and when you consume too much alcohol, your liver, brain, and healthy organs can be at serious risk. 

Why Is Malt Beer So Cheap?

Malt beer is cheaper than other types of beer because it contains grains and hops that are fairly priced. Due to mass production, cheap raw ingredients, and inexpensive marketing, malt beer is sold at lower prices than other beer types. 


Are all beers made with malt?

Yes, all beers are made with malt. Malt is a cereal grain used in beer, and the grains used can vary depending on the brewery. Beers may contain high or low malt, but they should all contain malted grains to convert starch to sugar. 

Not all beers are exclusively made with barley because other breweries prefer to use grains like wheat, oat, and rye. Even if they use different grains, the bulk of grains should be malted. 

Is malt necessary for beer?

Yes, malt is necessary for beer. Malt is any type of grain that has gone through a malting process. Malting involves steeping, germinating, kilning, and roasting, which is necessary to make beer. Without malt, you cannot make beer. 

Is there caffeine in a malt beer?

No, there is no caffeine in a malt beer. The main ingredients of malt beer, such as malted barley or wheat, do not contain caffeine, making the alcoholic beverage caffeine-free. 

Does malt taste like beer?

Yes, malt tastes like beer but with a combination of flavors. It tastes sweet and nutty, and its taste can be similar to caramel, toast, and coffee. Its sweetness is related to how malt is made from grains like barley and wheat.  

In Summary 

The beer that is made entirely from the malt is called malt beer. The malted grains are fermented with yeast and hops to produce malt beer. 

The alcoholic beverage contains at least 6% ABV and has a nice and sweet flavor profile compared to a traditional beer. Like other beer types, malt beer can get you drunk even at 5% ABV. 


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